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Insurance is a term used to refer to an action, system, or business where financial protection (or financial compensation) for the soul, property, health and so forth get a replacement from unpredictable events that can occur such as death, loss , damage or illness, which involves paying premiums regularly within a certain period of time instead of a policy that guarantees such protection.

The term “insured” usually refers to everything that gets protection.

Basic Insurance Principles

In the insurance world there are 6 basic principles that must be met, namely:

• Insurable interest, namely the right to insure, arising from a financial relationship, between the insured and the insured and legally recognized.

• Utmost good faith, which is an action to disclose accurately and completely, all material (material fact) facts about something that will be insured whether requested or not. The meaning is: the insurer must honestly explain clearly everything about the extent of the terms / conditions of insurance and the insured must also provide clear and correct information on the object or interest insured.

• Proximate cause, which is an active, efficient cause that causes a chain of events that results in an effect without the intervention of one who starts and actively from new and independent sources.

• Indemnity, which is a mechanism by which the insurer provides financial compensation in an effort to place the insured in the financial position he had just before the loss occurred (KUHD article 252, 253 and affirmed in article 278).

• Subrogation, namely the transfer of claim rights from the insured to the insurer after the claim is paid.

• Contribution, which is the right of the guarantor to invite other guarantor who both bear, but do not have the same obligation to the insured to participate in providing indemnity.

Type of Insurance

1. Life Insurance

This type of insurance is known to provide financial benefits to the insured for his death. The payment system for this type of life insurance varies. There are insurance companies that provide payment after death and others can allow the insured to claim funds before his death.

Life insurance can be purchased for self-interest and on behalf of the insured alone or purchased for the benefit of a third person. Even life insurance is also known to be bought in other people’s lives. As an illustration, suppose a husband can buy life insurance that will provide benefits to him after the wife’s death. Parents can also insure themselves against the child’s death.

2. Health Insurance

This type of insurance is also quite well known by the people of Indonesia. Health insurance is an insurance product that handles the health problems of the insured because of an illness and covers the cost of the treatment process. Generally, the cause of the insured’s illness which can be borne by the insurance company is injury, disability, illness, until death due to accident.

Health insurance is also known to be bought for the benefit of the insured or the interests of a third person. Private health insurance companies such as Prudential, Allianz, AIA, Cigna, and Manulife are among the big names that provide a variety of insurance products to suit the needs of the Indonesian people and are widespread throughout the world.

3. Vehicle Insurance

The most popular vehicle insurance in Indonesia is a type of car insurance that focuses on injury coverage to other people or against damage to other people’s vehicles caused by the insured. This insurance can also pay for the loss or damage to the insured motor vehicle.

Vehicle insurance is one of the general insurance products. This type of insurance had become a boom when the riots broke out in May 1998 because the incident made people’s interest in protection ownership for private vehicles increase dramatically.

The financial site has partnered with well-known insurance companies in Indonesia so you as a customer can compare the best car insurance products with low rates.

4. Education insurance

Dizziness with children’s education costs? This type of insurance will help you overcome. Education insurance is the best alternative and a solution to ensure a better life, especially in children’s education assets. The cost of the premium that must be paid by the insured to the insurance company varies according to the level of education to be obtained later. Understanding the importance of using education insurance for children is now a matter of concern for parents. The high cost of education and other conditions that exacerbate the economy such as the weakening of our currency against the US dollar affect the cost of education for children later. Realizing that this clearly will burden parents, it is not uncommon for parents now to choose to have education insurance. So, education insurance can be classified as the types of priority insurance too, right? You will certainly be helped in taking care of the child’s future.

5. Travel insurance

Maybe for those of you who often travel or travel are familiar with this type of insurance. The various types of insurance also create a variety of protection for travelers. Overall, the function of travel insurance is not much different from the ordinary insurance function as a form of protection for customers with a short period of time that is for the premium buyer to travel until returning home. Benefits and protection that will be gained from having travel insurance include obtaining protection and coverage for accidents that affect premium buyers, personal accident benefits, dependents for emergency medical expenses, repatriation of bodies, medical evacuation, to protection of luggage that has a risk of being lost. or damaged.

6. Business insurance

For those of you who have a business field, this type of insurance is important to consider. In addition to the types of insurance that involve individual protection, insurance that protects businesses is also needed. Business insurance is a protection service against damage, loss and loss in a large amount that may occur in one’s business. This insurance provides compensation for damage caused by fire, explosion, earthquake, lightning, flood, hurricane, rain, collision, until riots. Insurance companies usually offer a variety of benefits from business insurance such as protection of employees as business assets, investment and business protection, comprehensive life insurance for all employees, to health insurance protection packages for employees.

Advantages of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies also benefit from investment. This is obtained from the investment premium received until they have to pay the claim. This money is called “float”
Insurers can get profit or loss from float price changes and also interest rates or dividends in float. In the United States, property losses and deaths recorded by insurance companies were US $ 142.3 billion in the five years ended 2003. But total profits in the same period were US $ 68.4 billion, as a result of the float.

Insurance Refusal

Some people consider insurance to be a form of betting that applies during the policy period. The insurance company bet that the buyer’s property will not be lost when the buyer pays the money. The difference in fees paid to insurance companies against the amount they can receive if an accident occurs is almost the same as if someone bet on horse racing (for example, 10 to 1). For this reason, some religious groups including the Amish avoid insurance and depend on the support received by their community when disaster occurs. In communities where close and supportive relationships where people can help each other to rebuild lost property, this plan can work. Most people cannot effectively support the system as above and this system will not work for big risks. Insurance companies go out of their way to encourage people to give them a recorded statement. They do this to help reduce the …

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25 Replies to “5 secrets insurance companies don’t want you to know about Personal Injury Claims | My Insurances Info”

  1. someone drove straight into the nose of my car and completely destroyed the front right side of my car. I wasn't even moving I was still in traffic and some woman wanted to join, so she slowly crept forward and once the cars infront of me started going forward she went to jump infront of me. ( I didn't move and I was letting her join) then BOOM she went straight into my car my wifes neck started hurting and my sons head also as he was leaning up against the window. My insurance company tried asking me loads of questions and that I had to answer them as it was "law" and I'm extremely lucky that my lawyer came back in the room before I answered anything. I'm extremely lucky in this case as we also got camera footage of the woman ramming into me clear as day. thank god I got protected and that everyone was okay including the womans 6 year old that had NO child seat…..

  2. In California I guess pre-existing conditions hurts your case. My attorney just released me and I was told to represent myself now with the low offer from the insurance company. It's just now 2 years of waiting only to be put out to handle it on my own. My car accident is referred as a low impact case and the insurance is claiming that I could not have sustained the injury that I'm suffering to date. They also want to make the claim that this was pre-existing and after doing a little research I believe it's due to my age as well what would you suggest I do in this matter. Thanks for any information you can provide.

  3. What happens if the person that hit me lies and says someone hit him, which caused him to hit me. But there was no car that hit him.. He told the officer that I saw that car and I said NO I did not see that car or the person that he caused me to hit. I was at a complete stop. Now the insurance does not want to pay for my car. What do I do?

  4. I love your point about the insurance company will not settle if it thinks that the injuries are being exaggerated. So true! What guidelines to you use for valuing a given injury claim?

  5. These five point r worthless cause we live in a fascist society where liemakers r co owners in insurance company or collaborators. judges r working for insurance mafia; to date, I did not c one correct judge… All Criminals!!!

  6. Hey,

    I just started a petition "Eva Russell: Insurance Companies Should Fall Under The Anti-Trust Law" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    My goal is to reach 100 signatures and I need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


  7. Really good and well informative video. Thanks. my car was hit revently by another person who reversed into me. Turns out the other driver is with the samd insurance provider as me. The other driver admits liability but refuses hittig me hard. my back pains have pre existed and it has made my pain come back again. i cant leave the house and in significant pain. the psyhological distress i suffered at the accident scene caused my anxiety disorder to worsen. the other driver was refusing to exchange any details with me at the accident. i told my insurer everything and i could not sleep that night of fhe accident due to heightened anxieties, distress, worry and nervousness and overthinking. This accident had aggrevated my current mental health condition that I take my medication for. Now the insurance comoany says that the driver who hit me is ot accepting full liability but theyre willing to deal with my case on a 'no prejudice' basis. they said the claim is settled ob my policy as the other driver is insured by them and be looking to penalise them rather than me. but it seems very complicated. two days later i informed the insurance company my back pain had come back and is a direct cause of the accident. my Doctor regularly prescribes me strong medication neproxen for my ongoing- excruciating lower back pain. the accident has now flarred up my pre existing injury. the advisor on the phone had said they can offer me in a non prejudice offer. they then asked if mt back pain was pre existing condition and i told them that it was. They then advised they could not make me an offer as it has to be dealt with a more senior department. I was a bit confused why but this video has answered my question. thanks and i'll be happy for any further useful advise you have for me.
    im still very anxious and paranoid since accident and have had to deal with significant psychological distress and anxiety from witnessing this whole accident with other driver.the other driver did not accept they came into me with quite some force and they refused to give their insurance details to me at the scene. i took photos of the driver and the number plate at the scene of accident- and sent it to the insurance. i was abused, harrased and called names by the other driver as i ended up lfearing my life by ocking myself in my car as the driver refused to give me their details and by being conforntational and uncooperating with me which heightened my anxiety. I very scared to leave my home, ive suffered sleep depravation for rbe past 5 days and couldnt sleep at all on night of the accident. it was an extremely terrifyingly ordeal for me to say the least. Though we both have same insurance company i hope my insurer will not treat me any differently.because we are both covered under them.

  8. I was hit by a rented car – they settle my case for 5k only taking with me 2300- I definitely spent more money that that, I missed work on several times, I can’t lift anything over 40 lbs, I still have lower back pain
    After 4 years they said they will give me 2300 . I don’t even know what to think wish I didn’t even hire a lawyer – I canceled work so many days going to depositions that 1 day before used to be canceled

  9. Can you sure for the state I live in plus CPS that called me a…" junkie ..crackhead "on
    Documented records .when I never tested positive for illicit drugs. Yes it has destroyed my reputation and my character so basically they character assassinated me along with other awful things such as had a way of taking my children and if you look up CPS on YouTube You'll see a lot of horror stories on the system doing this to low-income families it's now then comes a known fact of that people are losing out on their children for being low income and get easier targets to pick on because they have to have court appointed attorneys who don't really care about their case or to win it which unfortunately is exactly what happened to my case and I cannot let this go because I know the truth versus there unrealistic facts based on nothing because on my documents it shows what I'm supposed to have in my system versus what they say about me these people the state has been doing to lots of people I'm basically letting him get away with keep doing this in lying and taking away chosen some families without really being able to fight for then. They have decided Lucinda case doesn't mean they lose money.. In fact they make more sense of the state by pre adopted out these children now.. And I think I personally fell victim to this not. They saw me as an EZ TAG at a low income mother on disability despite the father and I've been together for over 25 years and all the children they still got away with snatching two of them and what I recommend for a lawyer to do is look up ….
    Senator Nancy Schadefer and this lady can explain with *Alex Jones *
    the talk show host ..
    also my medical records They didn't allow me to look at them before. I allows a judge and a bunch of child protective service people to look at my records… And how badly it portrayed my character and any illnesses I had well-written wrong and never did they ask me what I like to see them before they go off just in case they might have something written wrong on them… Which they had plenty went and wrong not even a truce at all on them but I didn't get to correct them before they went off to a judge and others to read and by not doing that I lost my case and to me that should be now that God is that a person should be able to look at then medical a kids and they showed that corrected by themselves and gay they have when they are with that because so that I know even the so-called professionals that have documented your so-called medical history still can get a lot of things wrong they deal with so many patients at any given time got. So the risk is had to have any one of them medical people make a mistake after a while people start to blend in together with the same illnesses look alike and that sort of thing so mistake do you factor in when you go to the hospital or any type of medical facility… And that is a risk You Take by going to those places that they can write something up about you because you perhaps look like somebody else act like somebody else that might already be there themselves and that person is also dealing with something similar next thing you know your medical note are being written on that paperwork and vice a versa..

  10. I love it! …and NO Stormchimp (below or above – depends on how YouTube displays it)…it's now 8-30-2018 and 112 insurance companies have now watched this! The insurance industry…car, life, whatever…are all about "profits". The insurance industry is a "business"; it's all about them, not you. YOU will always lose against it. The only thing the consumer can do is become "educated".

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